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but it was subsequently sold and may not be fully completed.
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Terrace house For Sale Ad ECODWELL MISSION :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

The residential building industry has always promoted its products and services through demonstration homes which allow customers to experience the finished product before purchase. One of the most influential trends in residential design and construction is the use of environmentally responsible products and services. The EcoDwell house is an opportunity to demonstrate in a practical way how the average Australian family can implement positive environmental change in residential design and lifestyle. It is also an opportunity for the marketers of environmentally responsible products and services to demonstrate their wares.

Guiding Principles ESD - Ecologically Sustainable Development BATNIEC - Best Available Technology Not Involving Excessive Costs Learning by Doing Encouraging Incremental Change - demonstrate the simple purchase decisions and techniques that are available to the majority of home owners.
Before :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: We bought a run down terrace because it was all we could afford. It had good bones, 6" baltic pine floor boards and sandstock bricks. It also had many intact heritage features and was near a park and public transport. We looked forward to going back to a walking lifestyle in a suburb that was built in an age when we designed for the pedestrian, not for the car.

Six before photos pic 1) From the street it is a very modest one level, one bedroom terrace (2) The kitchen had a very original stove (3) The bathroom actually used to be the stables! (4) The hot water system looked as though it should have been in a museum (5) The tiny, dark backyard had a hills hoist crammed into it (6) There was even some homespun philosophy from a previous resident on the door of the backyard dunny, the only one in the place.

After :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

With the help of our Architect, Dan McNamara, we now have plans approved by Council and are about to seek tenders from builders. In March 2002 we are hopeful of finishing by Christmas.

The plans include:

Structure - General :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Roof Corrugated iron on front facade to match existing. Colour bond metal deck from ridgeline to rear of building.

Ceiling Plain building board, possibly strawboards by Ortech. 02 9580 7766

Walls existing: Rendered brick work, lime render to match existing? Stud and strawboard for new internal walls

Floors Lounge uses existing timber floorboards. Recycled 6" Baltic pine floorboards throughout. Ecoply h3 treated plywood for wet areas. Deck: FSC timber from Woodage

Doors Reused four panel solid timber doors.

Windows Original windows on front facade. Reused sash windows for attic. New windows for familyroom, back bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and stairs. Joinex, kiln dried radiata c/o Canterbury Windows 02 9754 1899

Skirting and Architraves existing joinery in lounge. modern, more modest joinery elsewhere Hyne Superior Wood Mouldings 6495 6238

Services - General :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Light Natural light as much as possible. Light well brings light to the middle of the house. Enclosed lightwell takes light to the lounge. Mercury free compact fluorescents.

Power Solar panels if budget permits. Non PVC cable and fittings c/o Gerard Industries 9794 9200

Gas For insert in fireplace, stove, heater in family room, BBQ. Solar Gas for hot water? gas pipes and fittings, HDPE piping c/o Industrial Pipe Systems 9554 3977

Water Rain collection for grey water uses: flushing, washing. Filtered water for drinking? storm water on site? permeability of courtyard, spacing of bricks, grass between Bricks. Non-PVC piping. Enviroflow guttering. City Water Tanks Pty Ltd. Gutters c/o Smart Flo 1800 642 339. First flush leaf eater 1800 067 744

Hot Water Gas boosted solar hot water on the roof is out of the way and delivers the least greenhouse gas contribution.

Heat/Cool Passive solar design where possible. Good cross ventilation in east west oriented building. Hot still site in summer requires airconditioning for mid summer months.

Furnishings - General :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Security Smoke alarm wired in, electrical off switch. Supascreen combined security and flyscreen.

Bench Tops Terrazzo Australian Marble Pty Ltd.

Storage Built in storage for kitchen, lounge and both bedrooms. Storage under rear of house.

Covering Floor boards. Lino or Melamine or ACL Comcork recycled cork for kitchen. Tiles for laundry and bathroom.

Paints etc Porters Paint, Wax floors, Ark Paints? organoil 066 85 8896, Energy and Water Solutions

Fittings Energy efficient appliances from Andi-Co Australia

Vegetation vines at front, side and back for cooling ground cover at side and back for softening and for collection of run off herbs and small or creeping veggies at back and side for kitchen

Journal (day to day trials and tribulations)

PARTNERS :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Society for Responsible Design : : It's a pleasure to be working with the society and to attempt to put their policies into action. By doing so we hope to educate and inspire others to tackle similar projects and to provide feedback on relevant policies, products and services.

Ecoliving Program at University of New South Wales : : Cameron Little and his team are an inspiration and in many ways have already achieved what we hope to with our project. We are members of the Cool Communities Ecoliving Co-Operators project and will be pooling labour with people undertaking similar projects. (Ecoliving contact Cameron Little : - Ph: (+61 2) 9398 8838)

Dan McNamara, Chartered Architect : : Dan has been a great practical guide to us in the process of maximising the use of the site and planning for access to light, air circulation, passive heating, use of vegetation in limited spaces. Dan once lived in an environmental demonstration home and as well as being the architect for the construction has agreed to work voluntarily on the demonstration project side of things. (Dans contacts : - Ph: (+61 2) 9979 8915)

Opportunities to Participate (pitch to partners, cut away drawing of the house and labelling the products and services we are seeking, future plans for media access and open days) Contact the Project CoOrdinator We are doing this out of a love for the environment and an urge to share what we learn along the way. Please write or email and we will do our best to reply and refer you to relevant sources. We are not setting out to become an authority on the subject, merely to share our experience.

Project Co-Ordinator. Ecodwell. An Environmental Demonstration Home. In association with the Society for Responsible Design. A member of Cool Communities, Ecoliving Co-operators 109 Garden Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 - Ph: 0413 025 709
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