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A year of continuing greener progress with significant signs that the world is realising that now is the time to design and implement significant change ...

SRD AGM 2007 Convenors Report: The message of the new SRD is as important as ever, as we reach the start of our 19th year. The world shall never even approach being a sustainable society until responsible design is built into the core of our thinking and practice. All other measures are temporary tack-ons that in some instances even impede real progress. We encourage the idea of growth but only in areas that are evaluated to be responsibly appropriate. This year we've enjoyed good coverage and support in promoting our concepts with some notable highlights including: *four separate SRD ChangeX events and good media PR, *developing closer ties with o2 global sustainable design network internationally and in Australia *an increase in web traffic and SRD membership in several levels *successful completion of SRD auditing covering several years *discussion with both government and business in several exciting ways forward *further recognition in books, newsletters and websites, just three examples; Be True Green by a founder of CleanUp the World listing both our Greener Print Procurement Guide and the Ecospecifier; A new Australian textbook on Textiles and Design lists our apparel + fashion page, plus several issues of AGDA SA's newsletter featuring our goals and web resources like the REAP guide (now to v1.5 !) *participation in the launch of GreenPages green lifestyle guide and eco-fashion show plus requests to speak at design seminars about sustainability *Increase in pro-bono support for business and financial advice, legal and PR. Many thanks go to these people and organisations, most of whom are now listed online in our SRD supporters page; supporters.html *by google's own PageRank for website importance our SRD website rates on par with leading design, education and conservation organisations (DIA, UTS and ACF to mention a few) yet of course we could do even better ...
Improving our finances, admin. and our older websites are several areas of SRD in need of improvement. We still rely on the time and effort of a small team and we must gain further external financial support to continue a meaningful role for the SRD. Time has come to get appropriate rewards in line with work and benefits produced. Toward this goal we have reviewed the 2007 and soon the 2008 Green Grants Guide to secure some government or organisational funding. This process has a minimum lead time of several months but at least we are under way and have some pro-bono support from the guide publisher as well. Our future success relies on increasing our wider support and financial viability through existing channels of membership, tertiary support and academic involvement with further input from practitioners all combining to promote of our worthy goals and attract the necessary funding. We are well placed to achieve these goals with continuing concerted input and application of our diverse talents. Sincere thanks go to all of our executive committee for their wisdom, ideas and efforts plus our many supporters, who believe and continue to raise our profile and further our work. Action locally, teamed with global cooperation, and the imperative is to do it now. We welcome your further input in this process. Responsible design is our future.

rachael cassar re-fashion
Right:: SRD ChangeX07 exhibition + Radio National
Interviewee's at the GREX Show at ATP in June
Note : The new version for 08 is called GREEN TECH

radio national SRD ChangeX07 interviews

Left : Rachael Cassar's Re-fashion at Green Pages Launch '07
radio national interviews SRD ChangeX07_ATP

To further the SRD's role of promoting responsible design we attend numerous functions and seminars including the Green Pages magazine launch and Eco-fashion show, two Enviro Drinks at Darling Harbour and Western Sydney in November 07, making good contact with our future members and supporters. We also have regular bi-monthly governance meetings ensuring good momentum through the year. The SRD to continue to show design and sustainability are symbiotic solutions for our future.We're looking forward to more great support and input from all to assist the SRD and o2 Australia. We have some great projects planned including ChangeX08, the REAP2 guide, GreenTech in August and also further upgrading our web presence.

Greg Campbell_DesignOz
SRD convenor


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