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SRD AGM Convenor's report 2006

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It's been a year of good progress and significant change. From a world perspective, 2006 may be remembered as the time the whole world decided to take notice of global environmental issues. The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change and Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" certainly have given great food for thought for a world that 'til now, was largely unconcerned about the severity of many global issues. For over seventeen years the SRD has been promoting this and other major issues relating to global sustainability and we're delighted the world is now far more interested in our goals.
Through the year we held another very successful
ChangeX exhibition of student initiatives and ideas for sustainability, organised and presented the "Print for Environment" seminar in conjunction with AGDA and also had one of the larger stands at the Greenbuild and Ecoshow in June.

Print for Environment report.
70 people attending on a wet, windy night in June at the Australian Museum was quite a good turn out. Held in conjunction with AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association), good debate ensued over the many improvements being made and that are still possible, to ultimately get to best practice in print. Speakers from Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide joined a hand picked group of 5 printers selected as the greenest available in Sydney. A new SRD web page was added for the "greener print procurement guide" that remains in draft form pending further industry feedback. Several related articles appeared in ProPrint. (see , click back issues May and July 06) 1/ Print For Environment seminar article by GC, placed by Samantha Schelling. p15 May 2006 1a/ Have ISO 14001? Try 14024 for a good green choice By Samantha Schelling, article on Good Environmental Choice Australia p26-27 May 2006 1b/ View from the top David Fuller Managing Director, Focus Press By Henry Mendelson p34-35 May 2006 2/ Eye on the Environment By Samantha Schelling (titles by SS, article by GC) Bouquets on World Environment Day p30 July 2006
GreenBuild and EcoShow at Rosehill Exhibition Centre for SRD and ChangeX06 This event completed a very busy June for the SRD as we also produced a new brochure by DesignOz with many thanks to the high Post-consumer waste content stock from Focus Paper and the Waterless printing kindly donated by Spectrum Print (noting this item rated as a Good Environmental Choice certified product). The GreenBuild /Eco-event gave the SRD and ChangeX great exposure with a double stand given for free in exchange for promoting the show (and a SRD member Wayne Lever was in their organising commitee!). We had great interest from many parties that we hope to capitalise on this year at our events and the follow-up G.Rex ecoshow in June07 at Sydney Technology Park. Many thanks to the other SRD members at our stand including Cheryl Campbell, Greta Werner and Paul Wade, Warren McLaren and a new recruit Michael Cameron. Noting we do have a new SRD brochure, please ensure you take several copies to pass on and always keep some on hand, it's a great marketing tool! A separate report from Wendy and Anita on ChangeX06 will follow. (on the night).
This year the SRD simplified it's experiment with dual project names and whilst always acknowledging our valuable heritage from the
SRD and Change Design (EcoDesign Foundation) EDF, will move forward as the "new" SRD. Our REO status (Registered Environmental Organisations are tax Deductible Gift Recipients) is still current. We will ensure good forward progress from tonight to maintain this position. I recently heard of a grant for Sustainability Education that next year could suit us perfectly, once we're all properly audited. Many thanks to all our committee, members and supporters that keep us ticking. We have a new entry level membership of $5 where participants are requested to undertake a minimum 40hrs per year on projects to further the cause of sustainability. We would be delighted to hear of some work progress after normal AGM business.
Special thanks go to our marvellous Maddy Streicek who was not only a very good secretary and "all round action gal" but ensured a successful Changex06 that continued a great tradition and enabled several students to gain further awards and acknowledgment for their featured work. With the great help of Wendy Morrison they managed to also complete an e-newsletter in June. On the not so positive side we lost our 0500 phone number that was only partially used and will now save us a little cash each month. Through the year we also lost some momentum as several positions became unfilled. We now have the opportunity to fill these jobs to ensure our continuing community service. Thanks also to Greta Werner for being our Treasurer for 2.5 years and continuing good luck to your business and family that has grown to take more of your time. Also thanks to Dr Cameron Tonkinwise, our immediate past convenor, who continues to post us information on news and special events.

Pic: You are now directly above the centre of the earth
Left :: Image from Fabrica, Italy - presented at Defining Design for a Changing Planet conference 2006 Washington Uni, Seattle, USA by Omar Vulpinari
Right :: SRD and ChangeX06 stands at the well
attended EcoShow at Rosehill in June
Note : The new Ecoshow for 07 is called GREX
SRDstand_ecoshow6_8815_170   SRD_CX6ecoshow6_8811s170

As the new SRD Convenor and to further the SRD's role promoting responsible design, I've attended several functions and seminars. *Fundraising forum for community environment groups 7 Dec 05. *SME Sustainability Event (with 3 other SRD members) 3-4 Feb 06. *Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne, Vic 18 Feb 06. *ChangeX06 opening night and exhibition closing assistance 3-21 Mar 06. *In association with AGDA, organised our SRD Print for Environment seminar and subsequent "greener print procurement guide" online draft. 5 Jun 06. *attended Defining Design for a Changing Planet at University of Washington, Seattle, USA 14-15 July 06. *Pittwater Council Strategic vision for a Sustainable Pittwater 2030 forum. *Many graduate student exhibitions through November 06. *Two Enviro Drinks at Darling Harbour and Western Sydney in November 06 making good contact with our future members and supporters. We've had regular monthly governance meetings until June when (separately) myself and the secretary left for overseas and one "virtual" meeting since my return. I apologise for the loss of momentum through our absence in Winter but I am encouraged to see the SRD continue to show design and sustainability as symbiotic solutions for our future. I look forward to more great support and input from all to assist the SRD. We have some great projects planned including ChangeXo7, the REAP2 guide, G.Rex in June Uand upgrading our web presence.
To echo recent words from Edward Mazria, founder and Executive Director of Architecture 2030 that's planning to make new housing 100% emission free in America, "The task we face is daunting. Working separately, we could accomplish something significant in each of our respective spheres. But by working together, we actually have a chance to influence the course of history."
Greg Campbell - DesignOz
SRD convenor 2006

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